Pixel study tour on simulation and game technology

Dutch study tour Pixel 2010 has finished. Our participants are on vacation or are heading back home. You can still read their blogs on our website. Just look to the right part of the screen.



Daily report: Visiting Disney Imagineering

After Casper's BBQ yesterday and yet another night out in Hollywood for some, today - The Last Day - started off pretty early. While having breakfast at around 7:30, we were getting ready to go to our next company visit. Our last company visit. We hopped on an arranged bus that seemed to take us to a business area somewhere between Glendale and Burbank, just north of Los Angeles. As the bus entered the area and eventually came to a stop, we were starting to wonder if this was the right place to get out.

Surrounded by discrete buildings and...
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Daily report: Visiting the Third Floor and diner at Casper (CEO of XSens)

By Jordy Molenaar

The tour is nearing its end with our one but last company visit. Today we went to The Third Floor (ironically enough situated on the tenth floor) to see how both Xsens and intersense technologies are combined and used in practice. The Third Floor is a company specialized on previsualization techniques for movie and videogame cinematics. They have assisted in the creation of many well-known titles such as Avatar, Star Wars: episode III, Valkyrie and Starcraft II. A presentation, demonstration, some questions and a nice view from the balcony later we were outside again looking for a...
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Daily report: Basketball match the Lakers vs Utah Jazz

By Ernst Fluttert

Starting with the weather forecast in the city of angels: Rain, Rain & clouds. It is unlikely that the sun will shine or a poolparty will be given @ The Hollywood Inn. But even bad news will not hurt any Pixelyte!!, rain means different things to different pixels:

/* Active Pixels */
if( Pixel.Color() == "Red"){ 
      Pixel.Visit("Walk of Fame") || Pixel.Visit("Boring Chinese Temple");

/* Pussy Rain-anxious Pixels */
elseif( Pixel.Color() == "Green"){ 
      Pixel.Play(TransportTycoon.Start()) || Pixel.Blog(); 

/* Exhausted, Zombie-state or recovering a...
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