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Every one or two years study association Inter-Actief organizes an international tour. In 2008 we visited Japan. Previous countries include the United States, South Africa, Brazil and India. In 2010 a new international tour will depart to the United States. A study tour contains the following elements:

  • A meta-research about the cultural differences between the USA and The Netherlands;
  • A meso-research about the different tour tracks and their relation to the USA;
  • The tour itself. Three weeks in which we will visit 24 companies in multiple different cities.

The results from the two literature studies are combined into two books. The conclusions drawn will be validated (or disproven) during the visits in the USA. These new insights are then combined into the booklet and result in the micro-research.

Since a three week international visit is quite expensive participants do an IT related work assignment of about 120hrs.


Study Tour Pixel

The goal of the Pixel study tour is to get an intimate understanding of Simulation Technolgies and Game techniques. To accomplish this we will do research in the theme and will go to America to check whether our findings apply to companies that are specialised in this field.

Study tour Pixel is a project based committee associated with study association Inter-Actief, University of Twente. We are six motivated students in the end-bachelor or start-master phase of either Computer Science or Business Information Technology.

When we leave in September 2010 it is our hope to have contracted 24 companies, universities or government elements related evenly over the six different tracks. Thus resulting in a good overview of the entire field within the United States of America. Also we will have 24 participants and two supervising professors, resulting in 32 travelers.


Study Association Inter-Actief

Inter-Actief is the study association for Computer Science related educational programmes of the University of Twente. The associations and her 800+ members combine efforts to organize many social, sportive and IT-field related activities. For example:

  • Every week there is a guest lecture given by one of the partners of the association about an interesting IT topic
  • Weekly there is a Friday afternoon drink in the association's own café
  • Yearly symposium (See their Dutch website

Inter-Actief is also an association to which students can turn if they have questions or complaints. The study association then uses her experience, pull and connections within the university or faculty to solve the problem at hand. Please visit for more information.


About the committee

Niels Boom
- 0031-615864365
Martin Haitsma
Funding and Contract Research
Mark Kazemier
Research supervisor
Ronald Meijer
Tour guide and Company Visits
Wytse Jan Posthumus
Niels Visser
Funding and Contract Research
Jarmo van Lenthe
Supervisor from the board of Inter-Actief


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