Message from the chairman of study tour Pixel

Today I discovered our study tour is at two-third of its total length. Wow! 13 months ago I, and five other students, started organizing the study tour. 13 months of hard work and the first two weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. This works both really relieving and amazingly disappointing. Disappointing to think that in 7 days the tour ends. Relieving because everything is going according to plan.

Luckily our first 14 days have gone by without unsolvable problems. One of the small errors that did occur was due to a traffic jam: we arrived a few minutes late at one of the visits. This, being the biggest problem of the tour thus far, makes me proud. My committee members worked hard, and now we can enjoy the company of the friendly American people and their beautiful cities. We’ve seen different kinds of cities: one could never compare Boston to the sky-scraper-city NYC, nor to capital city Washington D.C.. And this blog post was written in another totally different city: San Francisco.

But in those cities we do more than talk to the locals. We see cutting edge technologies, learn about products that are not yet announced (and will not be for sale for the coming months to years) and are visiting the BEST universities of the world. We feel the different cultures within the city, we touch the different corporate cultures and see the different educational styles used by MIT, Stanford University and NYC.


In the past months all participants worked 120hrs at one of our Dutch partners. Their efforts, and generous gifts of our other sponsors resulted in an 110.000 euro budget. With the current EUR-USD exchange rate this results in 150.700 dollar, all to be spend in three weeks. Most of that budget is used to pay for our flights, hotels and food. But thanks to the generous Computer Science field we have also been able to take all participants to the cultural hotspots. Don’t worry, we’ve found an interesting place to leave it all….

In New York City we bought front-row (ok, 4th and 5th row) tickets for Broadway musical The Lion King. In San Francisco we visited a American football match from the SF49ers. And in a few days we will visit a basketball match. Not to mention our study-tour-ending-activity, to be held on October 19th.


One of our encounters with the friendly Americans, and their hospitality, was yesterday evening. We were invited over for dinner by the ‘Neighbors Abroad Committee’ of Palo Alto. This committee, formed by several inhabitants of the city keep relations with six different cities all over the world. Among those cites: Enschede. In the 1980’s many exchange students visited Palo Alto (home to Stanford), and Enschede (home to the University of Twente).

During dinner (and a lovely homemade desert with cookies, cake and grapes with chocolate) we talked with the members of the sister city organization about our cities, our countries, our habits and our experiences. During the talks we also learned about the work the committee does for the other sisters cities. This included sending used clothes, and help open schools where needed.

Intrigued by the stories and partially as a thank you for the received hospitality, the participants of Study Tour Pixel 2010 decided to raise money for the projects. The participants can donate money to Wytse (our Financial-man) and he will make certain that these gifts end up on the right bank account.

In local news

Our tour through the U.S. has not gone unnoticed. This morning an article was published in the University of Twente newspaper: UTNieuws.


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