Daily report: Cyberglove Systems and Stanford University

We never had to get up as early as today and after a long day yesterday some participants skip the breakfast specially made by half of the committee together with some volunteers who had to get up around six to make it.

After breakfast we had half an hour to pick up our suits, usually this should not be any problem but half of the name tags were gone resulting in a quest to find your own suit.

It took about two hours to get to our first company of the day. After dropping Mr. Weber somewhere in the middle of nowhere we arrived at cyberglove systems. Cyberglove was not big enough to be able to show all 30 of us around so half of the group had to wait for an hour. The next-door company called Revware offered a place to wait and even gave a tour of their company. Revware manufactures hardware to convert 3d points in the real world to digital points. During the tour the boss explained how it is being used to digitalize clay characters for movies and games and thereby fits exactly within our tour.

Cyberglove itself was again a very interesting company. They showed us how their gloves are able to digitalize finger movements and with additional hardware even the complete hand. It is amazing how laid back those companies let us try a product they sell for over 120,000 dollar.

After the pizza-lunch at Cyberglove systems we headed to Stanford University. We were told to be able to walk around campus for an hour because we were too early. The only problem was that the driver could not find the building where we needed to be. Because of this the free time was gone but now we had already had a bus tour instead.

The visit to Stanford started with an introduction about CISL, the simulations they make for the medical sector and a view of the hi-res monitor they made. After this we were split in three groups, one group had a tour around the building showing them different mannequins and using the software to control it. Another group went to CASA where they witnessed a scenario where this electronic doll was used. This group had to sign for not telling specific details about the training or whatsoever. The last group went to see the operation simulators where they performed some operation themselves. Luckily this was a simulation and not a real human being otherwise he or she may not have survived.

We were invited to have dinner in Palo Alto by the neighbors abroad committee. We arrived twenty minutes late at the committees president house because the bus driver thought we wanted to go back to San Francisco. At first nobody knew what to expect especially when we saw they were not quite the same age as we are but at the end everybody was very surprised about the interesting stories they heard and discussions they had.

Some participants had talked with the bus driver during dinner and told him they wanted to go to a club when they were back at the hostel. The driver knew exactly where they had to go and even drove by to show them where all the interesting clubs were.


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