Daily report: University of California at Berkeley and Total Immersion Software Inc

By Ruud Welling

Another busy day in San Francisco, we got up early and started our day with a pancake breakfast at the USA hostel. At 9.00, our bus departed to Stanford University (University of California). When we arrived we had 15 minutes to drink some coffee before we were going to the Computer science building. The campus had lots of open space (grass) and was pleasantly busy.

At Stanford we got to see the laser backpack, it was a device for 3d indoor modelling. The backpack is equipped with the InterSense InertiaCube 3, several lasers, and several camera’s. The InterSense sensor keeps track of pitch, roll, and yaw. The lasers use time of flight measurements to measure the distance to the floor, wall, and ceiling. This data can be used for localisation and geometry mapping. The camera data is used for localisation and geometry measurements. We got an explanation of how the laser and camera images could be used for localisation and how error correction was implemented. At the end of the visit we got to see the laser backpack (it was really big).

After the visit we visited the faculty club on the campus for lunch, we could eat burgers or sandwiches. When we were done eating we had a moment to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather. On our way to the bus we saw lots of people on one of the squares because there was a promo market. It seemed like lots of things were happening on the campus, which left a pleasant impression on us.

We took the bus to Total Immersion and arrived there a little past two. Total Immersion focuses on 3d immersive simulation. They recreate real world areas for military training. They showed us how they recreated these areas by placing buildings on a map overlay. They also showed us a face expression trainer, to train recognition of twitches in facial expressions which could give lies or emotions away. We also got to see some 3d model demos of a military vehicle and character models. We saw a quick demo on shader effects, one on character animation from motion capture and at the end we got to see how everything was combined together. It was an interesting company visit!

When our bus got back to our hostel in USA we had the evening for ourselves. All the participants split up in groups and took their time to have something to eat. In the evening we had some time to prepare for the flight to Los Angeles, drink some beers, play some games. Some of us went to bed early and others concluded their day in a nearby club. Which brings our last day in San Francisco to an end!


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