Daily report: Travelling from San Fransisco to Los Angeles

By Jasper Stoop

Today was another travel day so it was quite uneventful.

We had to check out at the hostel at 10am sharp after which the bus picked us up to drop us off at the airport. We had to burn some time at the airport, but the flight itself made up for the time we waited. We were flying with Virgin in a brand new Airbus A320 which had a very interesting entertainment system. We were able to play music from a lot of different artists and genres, we could watch television or movies and we could even play some games. Of course we invited random people on the plane to join our special pixel chatroom, but unfortunately nobody accepted our invite.

After an hour we landed in Los Angeles at LAX we had to wait a few minutes for the bus which brought us to our motel. Our motel is located on a very nice spot on Western Avenue, very close to the various hotspots downtown LA has to offer. The rooms were pretty good, a lot cleaner and more space than the one we were staying in in Washington DC. And we had WiFi!

We had dinner at a pretty good Thai restaurant which served a lot of cheap and decent meals. After we had dinner we went by a liquor store to get some refreshments, which must have made up for quite the experience for the store clerk. Later that night the group split up in a few groups, of which some went to the cinema to see the movie RED and others went to downtown LA to walk around and witness what LA is like on a Saturday night.


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