Daily report: Basketball match the Lakers vs Utah Jazz

By Ernst Fluttert

Starting with the weather forecast in the city of angels: Rain, Rain & clouds. It is unlikely that the sun will shine or a poolparty will be given @ The Hollywood Inn. But even bad news will not hurt any Pixelyte!!, rain means different things to different pixels:

/* Active Pixels */
if( Pixel.Color() == "Red"){ 
      Pixel.Visit("Walk of Fame") || Pixel.Visit("Boring Chinese Temple");

/* Pussy Rain-anxious Pixels */
elseif( Pixel.Color() == "Green"){ 
      Pixel.Play(TransportTycoon.Start()) || Pixel.Blog(); 

/* Exhausted, Zombie-state or recovering a few bytes */
else { 
}   /* ( Pixel.Color() == "Blue" || Pixel.Active()==FALSE) */

Aight, the afternoon is reserved for Basketball! Master Jab (block, grab, powerplay, uppercut) explained a few things about basketcases: its a non-contact sport where 10 big dudes are hitting on a ball.. and the ball loves the basket. Whenever the ball is in the basket the team receives 2 or 3 points depending on the distance to the basket; or 1 point on faults. The teams have 24 seconds before the shotclock sais: "And IT is gone".. The total game lasts 120 shotclocks (4 periods of 12 minutes).

To practice a bit with the rules the Staples Centre organized a demo-game for us: LA Clippers vs Denver Nuggets. In this simulation the Clippers first took off like rockets and got ahead with 10+ points... but the Nuggets bit back and claimed the victory! Our group had a few subterfuges as some individuals were in favour of the Nuggets. Endscore: Nuggets 108 - 104 Clippers.

Then the evening was filled with a real match :: LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz. For our entertainment they stole an organist from the local church for some "religious" attempt to convert/intimidate the Jazz players. Another trick was to have 2 dozen groupies (Laker grrlz) to seduce the Lakers to play better and inspire the audience to XD ^^ :) ;) ^^ (cheer?). Half of the Pixel crew dressed as a banana in a Laker-yellow-shirt (or better known as a sleeping bag). We even saw ourselves pimpin' around on the big screen during the break.. but 2 busy 2 make a screenshot picture!!

Jab and Reagan were clearly the most involved into the game.. they had this code running for 3 hours:

for(int i = 0; i<(i+1); i++){
       Pixel.Shout("Kobe");    /* Could also be Co-bee, Adobe, Combi, or something else ;) */
       Pixel.Watch(2000);              /* Watching the game in miliseconds (thread sleep) */

All the cheering didn't help, as the Lakers lost with 94 - 99 :(

We can conclude 1 thing: Pixel is a curse for the home playing team in any sports!

This is Nasty reporting for the Daily Pixel, live from Los Angeles, California, United States of America, North America, World, SubWay, Milkyway, Universe, Aliens.

Enjoy your day and be safe

PS: Trivia question: Why are the LA Lakers called the Lakers when there is no lake near LA ?? Send in your answer via pixel, mentioning #pixel2010trivia.


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