Daily report: Visiting the Third Floor and diner at Casper (CEO of XSens)

By Jordy Molenaar

The tour is nearing its end with our one but last company visit. Today we went to The Third Floor (ironically enough situated on the tenth floor) to see how both Xsens and intersense technologies are combined and used in practice. The Third Floor is a company specialized on previsualization techniques for movie and videogame cinematics. They have assisted in the creation of many well-known titles such as Avatar, Star Wars: episode III, Valkyrie and Starcraft II. A presentation, demonstration, some questions and a nice view from the balcony later we were outside again looking for a place to have lunch.

The afternoon we had for ourselves. Some decided to go to the walk of fame and others hung around the hotel, picked up the laundry, checked out Venice beach or even took a dive in the swimming pool. Here we found out that the nVidia Frisbees we got earlier worked quite well!

At four o’clock we gathered and had a bus trip to Casper’s home. Casper is the CEO of Xsens and back in The Netherlands he had promised us to have us over for a barbeque. Because of the weather however we had Chinese instead. After dinner we had some more beers, played hide and seek with the kids and did some magic tricks. During our visit at Casper’s we also first heard about ‘project X’, a secret activity that the committee has planned for our last day. We’ll find out what this is tomorrow!


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