Daily report: Travel from New York to Seattle

After approximately one and a half week of the studytour our visit to Washington DC was already ending again today, which meant that today was full of traveling. Destination? Seattle, the largest American city in the north-west, where we’ll visit Microsoft, Valve Software and the Washington University.

Before we’d arrive in Seattle however the day had to be spend packing, lunching and traveling. Our flight would not leave until half past five, which meant we had a quiet morning and afternoon. Checkout time of the motel was at eleven o’ clock and even though breakfast was only served until nine many people decided to stay in bed for a little longer, making this a morning everybody experienced in a different way. The majority of our group decided, after they had stored their luggage in an empty room, to get some breakfast/lunch in the area around the motel. A smaller group walked to the center of DC to get a last glimpse of the National Mall area and visit some missed highlights such as the National Archives, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History of the Congress.

At one pm the time had come to gather at the motel, where the bus that had taken us across the city over the last couple of days arrived to pick us up and bring us to the Reagan Airport. Even though the official check-in time wasn’t until three we managed to check-in an hour early, so the next few hours could be spend by hanging in the airport. Since the airport wasn’t that big the majority of the Pixelators searched for a nice place to sit and relax, play Lunchmoney and search for a McDonalds that turned out to be beyond the security game we hadn’t passed yet.

By four, the time we where to gather near the security so we could pass it, many people where starting to get rather hungry, a problem which as temporarily solved by getting a big box of doughnuts. After the tasty snack we passed the security, obviously a strict one in the capital of the United States. Left with another half an hour near the gate most of us quickly visited the McDonalds for a dinner and some searched for the power outlets in the waiting area to recharge their laptops.

And with that we had arrived at the ending of our three day stay in Washington DC. Our flight from Alaska Airways was a pleasant one, with even the flight attendants greeting “the group from Holland” over the intercom. During the five hour flight spend most of our time by watching tv-series on our laptops, reading some books and a few extra hours of sleep. The relatively strong turbulence was no issue, as the flight was fast and comfortable.

Once we had arrived in Seattle our luggage was collected within a fifteen minute time span, but since the bus taking us to the hotel had not arrived to the airport yet, we were forced to spend some extra time waiting on the airport. After a walk in which we went in the wrong direction a couple of times we eventually got to the bus. At first the road leading to downtown Seattle was surrounded by a dark forest, but after turning a corner a couple of miles later we suddenly had an overview of a beautiful orange glowing city by night. Some minutes later, during which we had a first view of the famous Space Needle, we arrived at the Moore Hotel, where we’ll stay for the next couple of days.

The Moore Hotel is probably the nicest hotel until now. The rooms are big, clean and everything looks decent, though the leopard print on the carpet looks rather strange to some of us. The only problem is that each room only had a single key, meaning we cannot afford to lose it. The hotel has a Wifi-network, but most rooms cannot properly access is. Luckily the lobby area of the hotel has a great connection so we’re able to stay in contact with the Netherlands without much trouble. After a short debriefing those who’d gotten hungry during the flight went into the city to search for a place to eat or even a bar to get some drinks. By this time Wim Rutten had also joined the tour, though most of us wouldn’t see him until the next day. The location of the hotel is great, as it is located near the local bar district. Next to the hotel is the Moore Theater, where some of us will visit the Australian Pink Floyd Show tomorrow. The first impressions of Seattle are a good one, the following days will show whether the city can hold that impression.

PS: Happy Birthday to Oguz today.


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