Daily report: Seattle

By Yme Joustra

Today it is Thursday 7 October 2010 and we are in the second week of our studytour. After the landing in Seattle we had the next day at 9 pm breakfast at Lowell's. The weather was nice, there was a nice view over the lake and breakfast was very good.

Seattle at daylight is another new kind of city. You cannot compare it with Boston, New York or Washington DC. This city is at the west coast of the United States and is the economic hart of the north-west of the United States. The first thing I noticed about the city is that some parts smell like fish and onions and the city is built on hills and is not flat like the other cities.

After breakfast we had some free time until 12:45 am. A large group was running out of underwear and had to was some clothes so they went to the dry cleaner. I did not have to wash so I went with Gijs and Albert to the Central Library of Seattle. This library was a nice piece of architecture and looked like a old spaceship. Then we walked along the coast to the aquarium. There was not much time left and to see the aquarium we had to pay $17 which we found too expensive for such a short time. So we went back to the hotel to 'suit up' for the company Valve we would go to visit.

At 12:45 we left with the bus to the company. In the bus Mattijs held a speech about the company. When we arrived at the company we were three quarters early! There was a small miscommunication between the bus driver and the committee about the amount of time to drive to the company. So we had to wait for 45 minutes. That time was filled up by drinking some drinks at a café next to the company.

At twelve fifty-five we went back inside the company. First we did get a tour through the company. We did get to see for example the server room, a test room, massage spaces and a technical space. After the tour we did get some drinks and we headed to a room were three presentations were given. The first one was about the company itself, the second one about the psychology of the games and the third one about the business. It was a very interesting company. After the presentations they gave us a present, which we did not expect! This was the first company that gave a present so we were surprised of course. The bag we did get contained a 't shirt with prints of some games Valve did develop or had developed. They also gave some counterstrike keys as present! Which was a bigger surprise. Two present at one time!

After the company we did go back to the hotel. Some of us put the 't shirt on they get from Valve. Everybody had to take care for their own dinner. I went with a group to a sort of a restaurant and another group had not much time to eat because they went to the Australian Pink Floyd at the Moore Theater next the Moore hotel which sounded to be really cool. Now at 10 o'clock pm I am writing this day report. The day was intensive and we have seen a lot new things. Let's see what the next day will bring us.


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