Daily report: From Seattle to San Francisco

By Jordy Molenaar

Today we will say goodbye to Seattle and travel to our next destination: San Francisco! We were leaving the Moore Hotel at 11:15 so before that we had enough time to have our breakfast at Lowell's, pick up our laundry and pack our bags (in any order).

Once we arrived at the airport there was the usual hassle of printing boarding passes, weighing suitcases (that 50 pound limit is lower than some would like to see) and checking in all sorts of liquids. Yes, even Niels Visser's numerous failed demonstrations did not prevent a couple of participants from trying to smuggle in some canisters of - potentially high explosive - bottles of water, shower gel, conditioner and other toiletries. Slight panick arose when Albert lost his boarding pass followed up by relief 20 seconds later when he found it within his own passport.

After check-in we had some time to kill because boarding didn't start for at least another two hours. This time was mostly filled with playing a card game, having lunch and surfing the net via the freely available wifi.

The flight did not take as long as the previous inter city travels. I took only about one hour and forty minutes, excluding the short delay caused by a defect runway light. Before we knew it we were enjoying the beautiful view of the bay area from up high and shortly after we're with our both feet on the ground waiting for the bus to come pick us up. The bus trip to the hostel took a bit longer than expected because we got caught in busy traffic. The bus driver told us this was due to the fleet week where the U.S. navy and marines show off their ships and planes to the public.

After having arrived at usa hostels we dropped of our suits at the dry cleaning service and dispersed in small groups through the city looking for a place to eat. After that some of us went to a black and white party at the hostel. Some others simply hung around in the lobby, went blogging or write daily reports.

This week will be a busy one (8 company visits) but we'll have more than enough time to explore and enjoy the city of San Francisco!


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