The journey from Amsterdam to Boston

The schedule for today was a long one – starting with the bus from the university to the airport at 5 A.M. CEST. At 8 o’clock, the planned time for arrival at the airport, we had a Kodak moment with friends and family before starting the whole boarding procedure half an hour later. There were no incidents except Niels Visser getting caught smuggling a suspiciously oversized shower gel container which was promptly disposed of, and we left for Philadelphia around eleven o’clock.

The whole journey was rather uneventful and we arrived on time in the USA. Transferring to the domestic flight to Boston was no small feat however. Passing through the customs took well over an hour, after which we had to pick up the bags and redeposit them for the next flight. We then had to pass through several more scans and had to hurry to our plane. It didn’t help people got split up from waiting in several distinct lines and we had to wait for the slowest group.

Arriving at the plane we were greeted by some nice smiles and a one and a half hour delay. Since we missed the previously arranged bus, Ronald quickly rearranged for the bus to pick us up and we left for Hostelling International after we picked up our luggage. Hostelling international is a hostel pur sang. The rooms are small – about 12 square meters and the sanitary facilities are shared between whole floors. We dropped off our bags and went out to the nearby pizza restaurant for a meal.

At the pizza restaurant we had a drink and ordered the pizza’s. Some people left their metric conversion table at home however and learned the hard way never to order anything large in the U.S. The pizza’s fit even worse in their stomachs than on the tables. Orders were cancelled and slices shared. When everyone had had their fill, we left for the hostel for some well deserved sleep. Tomorrow we will visit the MIT Gambit lab and have a ‘duck tour’ through Boston.


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