Daily report: Get ready for our first day in Boston

Get ready for our first day in Boston! We started off in our hostel after a well deserved night of sleep and a good shower. We met in front of the hostel and quickly headed on our way over to the MIT Gambit game laboratory. Now, when this is your first time in Boston, there are a few things you have to learn. First of all, the pedestrian traffic lights are merely suggestions.. so unless you want to look like a clueless tourist, just try and cross the street whenever you can. Don't forget to look though, unless you want to end up underneath a Humvee or a Dodge. Seriously though, cars here usually wait for pedestrians to cross (of course, there are signs everywhere that tell them to), and this is something folks over in Amsterdam could learn from. Also watch out for bicycles (of which there are _a lot_, interestingly enough) and runners (everyone seems to do that here, at any time during the day).

As soon as we reached MIT, we met up with Philip from MIT Gambit. He guided us around several of the MIT main campus buildings and told us some interesting history behind some of the places inside. In the MIT Gambit Lab, we were shown a few games that had been developed as part of the collaboration efforts between MIT and Singapore. These were independently published games that were very innovative in one way or the other and pretty fun to play. Nice folks, lots of games and just an overall very cool and inspiring place to be. Outside of the lab, MIT's campus is also great if you're into architecture. Many of the buildings are very classic and modern at the same time.

After a great lunch at MIT, we headed over to downtown Boston and started our very first "duck tour". The Boston duck tour is a tour around Boston, but with a twist. The fun began as soon as we boarded the DUCK, an amphibious WW II era landing vehicle, with our guide Jigsaw (whose actual name apparently was Steven, I think he must've been a comedian in real life) who was wearing very colorful socks by the way. We were shown around Boston, both on land and in water, though in return we had to do some collective quacks and crescendo's once in a while. Fun stuff.

In the evening we had a meal at a place called the Church, which was nice. After that, the group split up with some people staying at the Church and others who headed over to Fenway Park (America's Most Beloved Ballpark, home to the Boston Red Sox) and ended up in an Irish pub called the Landsdowne. We had some beer, bourbon, free post cards(!), stories about silicon breasts, chatter with the bartender and headed back to the hostel for some sleep.


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