Daily report: Visiting InterSense and Hyposurface

By Marije de Heus

Today was our third day in Boston, and yet again quite a busy one: we visited two different companies. In the morning we visited InterSense, and in the afternoon we went to Hyposurface.

After a healthy breakfast with rainbow colored cornflakes, freshly toasted bagels and suspiciously shining apples, the bus driver took us to InterSense, located in a nearby town. Most Dutch people think the Netherlands has big problems with our traffic jams, but we found out today that this isn't any better in the States. Thanks to all of the traffic we arrived a little late at InterSense, but fortunately they didn't seem to mind.

At InterSense we first got an interesting presentation from the vice president sales, who told us about the organization of the company and its products. When people started asking about their relation to XSens they seemed less willing to answer, but overall it was a nice introduction to the company. Then we had lunch, this time it consisted of Italian food: there was pasta, lasagna and salad. After the lunch we got to see demos of two of their products, namely a tracker which can track where the person who's wearing it is, and a kind of camera with which you can look into a virtual world.

Then we went, after taking the unavoidable group pictures, to MIT again, this time to see an architect. He worked at MIT but also had his own company called Hyposurface, for which he designed a wall which could change as a reaction to the people walking by. It was clear to everyone that he was very passionate about his work. It was also nice to listen to something that differs a lot from the other company visits, however, he was speaking quite soft and in a monotone way, and therefore some people found it difficult to follow.

At about 4pm we were done, and the rest of the day was free time. Most people either went to the MIT store to get a t-shirt or some other souvenir, or to the Harvard campus, which we don't get to visit during the tour, but had really beautiful buildings. The area around Harvard was also very lively, and there were many good places to eat.


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