Daily report: Travel from Boston to New York

By Steven van der Vegt

Today is a travel day from Boston to New York City.

The day started perfect with some extra hours of sleep. The only thing schedules for today is the train journey from Boston to NYC. We packed our bags, checked out en put our luggage in the storage depot of the hostel. Due to the fact our hostel only served breakfast between 7 and 8 we had to visit a Subway restaurant to get rid of the rumbling sound of our tummies. We still were a bit tired, and choosing from the countless combinations of bread, veggies, meat and drinks was a hard task. After this nutritious meal we brought a visit to a T-mobile shop to get some information about the various American prepaid cards. We went home with a brand new phone and extra simcard so we can ring each other for example in case one of us found a great pub.

After this purchase we all went back to the hostel to get our luggage and went off to the train station.

Just after boarding the train from everywhere laptops appeared. We proved our reputation as IT-specialists when little screams of joy came from all over the train as people found there was wifi on board! But shortly after that it came clear that this wifi was from another train which just went off.

Not everyone was amused with the emotions that came free with all this digital entertainment. The train conductor warned people not to sit in our region: “I advise you to move further up the train. Here you'll be sitting in the middle of the Dutch soccer team.”.

After a journey of around 4 hours we arrived at Pennsylvania station in the core of the Big Apple! After everyone was ready to go we immersed ourselves in the heavy traffic of New York since it was rush-hour. Clumsy with our trollies we maneuvered trough the traffic. After a few blocks we arrived at the famous Cartel Hotel. The lobby of the Carter has an atmosphere of the 60st glory days. The once luxurious red carpet, has a brownisch color, the bronze elevator buttons are as worn out as the man behind the counter. All this we were prepared for, the review on the internet of this hotel were not that good. The one thing we were not prepared for was that the wifi costs $10 a day!

After we all found our rooms, and unpacked our bags the whole group went out for some food. Having countless meals with meat I ordered one which vegetables. Unfortunately, in America, a plate of “broccoli noodles” has apparently only five pieces of broccoli. On the other hand, olive oil is not something they are careful with. Except from the vegetables the meal was tasty and the beers were huge!

After dinner we went to a pub to drink some beer. We discussed our day and the idea came up to make a few blog posts from time-square since there is supposed to be free wifi. We went to the Carter to get our netbooks and went to time-square which was only one block away from the hotel. There we made some pictures. Wifi was pretty buggy, but eventually some of us managed to get a connection and we uploaded our pictures to the interwebs.

As we stood there, surrounded by neon lights, I realized this was a good ending of our first day in NYC!


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