Third participation update

Two weeks ago the macro research started and tomorrow the presentations will start. In this mailing we give you extra information about the coming term and research related topics.


Bowling on April 1st
Thursday April 1st had a bowling match (Bowling Enschede). There we had a small introduction round, introducing the committee and all participants. Who are you, why did you want to participate, etc.? We hope everybody had a good time! You can find the photo’s on


Weekly walk-in moment
Every Monday from 11am till 1pm Mark Kazemier is present in the Inter-Actief board room. Questions, dilemmas and problems can be discussed face to face during these meetings. Of course you are still free to e-mail ( or call (0615618091, if urgent).


Go/No-Go decision
Every study tour has a few nerve breaking dates. The one coming upon us now is the “Go/No-Go” deadline: Tuesday 20th of April the study tour. 50% of the tours finances have to be available. In practice this means we need to have obtained 11 contract research assignments. Currently there are 5 signed contracts, 5 are in negotiation and 4 serious leads. Further, Niels and Martin are talking to 94 other companies for contract research and sponsorships. We hope the Inter-Actief board decides to give us a GO!


Now: MACRO research
• Today April 6th: Second draft should be done
• April 7th: Presentations from 11.00 till 15.00 at CU B103
• April 9th: Receive feedback from Pixel committee
• April 18th: Deadline final version MACRO research
• April 18th: Congratulations, you finished your MACRO research
Please contact the committee in advance if you feel you will not make the deadline.

The presentations will be held tomorrow April 7th at 11am till 3pm. You can find details on Blackboard > Documents > Macro.pdf. The temporary program is as follows:

  • History
  • Political
  • Geography
  • 30 minute break
  • Technological
  • Economic
  • Socio Cultural

Please let us know if you have exams tomorrow. We can reschedule your presentation to the morning or afternoon session.


In term 4: MESO research
We are currently checking all the documents regarding the MESO research. These will be published around April 14th.

• April 14th: MESO documents available
• April 20th: Introduction lecture LA A235, 11:30 till 12:30
• May 30th: Finish MESO research


In term 4: In-depth research
We received your track preferences and are currently creating the groups for the in-depth and meso research. These will be published around April 14th. There are however a few dates known:

• April 4th: Choose your research track (Most participants have responded)
• May 9th: Research proposal draft
• May 21st: Visiting XSENS Motion Tracking (afternoon)
• May 23rd: Research proposal (final version)
• Jun 16th: Research paper draft
• Jul 4th: Finish your research paper


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