Fourth participation update

We’re in the second week of the exam period. Last week the committee reviewed your macro research. This week we took a look at the meso research documents and are currently checking the last details. Extra information about the meso groups, the research question and more will find its way to blackboard the coming days. Mark will send you an e-mail when the information is published.

Please note the MACRO deadline on April 21st.

Please note the MESO introduction lecture on April 20th at LA A235 (11:30 till 12:30)


Improve your English (action required, before Sun. April 18th)

The past term we took a look at the possibilities and costs to arrange an English improvement course. We found that a good course that improves the overall quality of the research deliverables (and thus the grades) costs a 1000EUR. Since this investment was not included with our initial decision to provide this course we wish to discuss the situation with you.

The course will start in term 4 and will consist of a weekly two hour lecture, with several hours of homemade assignments. In term 1 (just before the tour) there will be a session to rerun all information learned in term 4.

The course will improve the quality of the research deliverables, and possibly your overall English which results in a better study tour. However, it also costs quite a lot of money and time (next to the meso and in-depth research). Since the time and money are yours we wish you ask your input in the decision.

If 3/4 of the 22 participants (17 participants or more) wish to participate in the course it will be organized. Those who vote “yes” must participate in the course; otherwise we are just throwing away the money. Those who voted “no” can decide to participate anyways, but once you start you have to see it through.

Vote subject: Should the study tour organize and pay the English course? Option A: Yes, I want to participate in the course Option B: No (because…)

Please reply before Sunday April 18th


April 20th: Inter-Actief “Algemene Leden Vergadering”: General Member Assembly
On April 20th several things will happen:

• The study tour committee will receive their GO or NO-GO decision from the Inter-Actief board
• The General Member Assembly will vote for a loan the tour needs (ALV101.12)
• The General Member Assembly will vote for a modification of the rule HR art 21, mentioned in your contracts) (ALV101.13).

You can find the GMA (ALV) documents on As all participants can vote we invite all to participate in the GMA. More information, printed documents and the all-knowing Inter-Actief board members can be found in the Inter-Actief board room.


May 1st: Extend your stay

The tour operator needs to know how long you wish to stay in the US. The deadline for this information is set on May 1st. You do not have to know what you will be doing during your extended stay, just when you wish to return to the Netherlands. We recommend you extend your stay by three weeks, returning at the start of the 2nd term.

Ronald will send you an e-mail inviting you for an information session with drinks. Here we will tell you something about possible cities to visit, what to do in those cities etc. We will also discuss some other aspects of the tour. These will be explained in Ronald’s invite.


May 3rd: Photo shoot
On May 3rd we would like to take a group photo. We will also take a picture of each participant to include on the webpage (Who is participating).

• The group photo will be taken at 13:00hrs. Please meet the committee at the Spiegel canteen.
• After the group photo the participants will be photographed individually.

Please wear a suit with a tie for uniformity. If you do not yet own a suit please contact the committee. We all have multiple suits so we can probably arrange something to fit you. Please contact the committee if you are unable to participate in the group photo: your individual photo will be taken on another day, but you will not appear in the group photo.


May 21st: Visiting Xsens
Xsens is a worldwide leading supplier of 3D motion tracking products. Study tour Pixel will visit the company and will be introduced to the technologies used for 3D motion tracking, the possibilities it offers and more.

We expect all participants at 13.30hrs at Café Abscint (former EWI borrelruimte, at EduCafé Zilverling). Here we will provide you with some background knowledge of XSens, their projects etc. Around 14.10 we will depart to Xsens, so please bring your bike.

Around 14.30 we will arrive at XSens. The committee will give a short presentation about the study tour, the research you are carrying out, and why we are going to de US. Xsens will follow with a presentation about their company and give a live demonstration of the MVN system. We will end the afternoon with a few drinks.

This gives you an idea of how the company visits in the US will be shaped. Please be on time, act professional and wear a suit. If you do not yet own your own suit please contact the committee.

What: Visiting Xsens: 3D motion tracking
Where: Start: EduCafé Zilverling, End: XSens Enschede
When: 2010, May 21st at 13:30


Work (time needed) in term 4
In term four the MESO research is executed. More information about the groups, deadlines etc. will be e-mailed by Mark.

• Please note the MACRO deadline on April 21st.
• Please note the MESO introduction lecture on April 20th at LA A235 (11:30 till 12:30)

The MESO research is slightly larger than the MACRO research, but there is also more time available. Also the groups will be re-assigned, resulting in more students per group.

More information about the in-depth research, track-groups and deadlines will also be e-mailed by Mark.


Work (time needed) in term 1
Term 1 (College year 2010/2011) consists of the theme course, the study tour and your possible extension vacation.

• Theme course: First four weeks. Will take about two days per week (including home assignments)
• Study tour: Weeks 5, 6 and 7 of term 1. (No time for other courses)
• Vacation: Length depends on your own plans. (Time left for courses depends on your own plans)

We do not recommend following any other courses in term 1, but we do think it is possible, depending on your own motivation, extending vacation and the load of the course.


If you have any questions please send us an e-mail.


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