Tenth participation update

In this participant update you will find overall information about study tour Pixel: All participants have a Contract Research assignment, there are 17 US based company names available, some reminders. And naturally something about the preliminary report.


Holiday e-mail protocol

There are no more holidays for the committee members, so you can contact them via all methods. But it would be great if you used the @pixel2010 aliases!


Attending professors

Currently there are two professors interested. One will attend the study tour from the start till half way (about Oct 9th). The other will fly to the United States around this date and will fulfill all tasks till the end of the study tour. We would estimate that this is 99% certain. However since this tour is a study tour we want to have two teachers around at all times.

We will keep looking for another professor for the tour but we have created a backup plan. This backup plan will be executed when all plane tickets must be finalized and only if we have not found a third professor to participate in the tour. In a prior stage we found several viable phd-students who wanted to participate in the tour as a guiding professor. However due to funding rules the research chair could not cover their expenses and wages during the tour. This resulted in a high cost toll on the phd-students and they had to say ‘no’.

However, if study tour Pixel covers most of their expenses (and arrange that they sleep in the same rooms as the participants and not in a single) these financial problems are solved. The money that would be needed is available under the ledger “Onvoorzien”.


Everybody has a Contract Research assignment

A few hours ago we received word that all participants now have a Contract Research assignment. Our last participant hired this morning. Some participants have already finished their CR assignment.

Contract Research is one of the ledgers where the end result is higher than budgeted. Subsidies and sponsoring are lower than budgeted.

Budgeted: 58.080 EUR.
Achieved: 64.300 EUR.


Could you return your copies of the Bonsai and Kryptos Preliminary report?

At the moment there are no copies of the Bonsai and Kryptos preliminary report available at Inter-Actief. We hope that participants who used these books as a reference can return them to Inter-Actief. The books will come in handy when promoting future study tours.


U.S. Visits (company list)

Ronald and Wytse gathered seventeen US based companies which we are allowed to visit. We hope the last companies will be found shortly.

  1. MIT: Game bit game lab
  2. MIT: Media lab
  3. MIT: Scheller Teacher Educational Program
  4. InterSense
  5. Hyposurface
  6. Games4Learning Institute
  7. National Crash Analysis Center
  8. Naval Research Laboratory
  9. Microsoft
  10. Valve Software
  11. Washington University
  12. Netherlands Business Support Office
  13. nVidia
  14. CyberGloveSystems
  15. NeuroSky
  16. Quantum3D
  17. Total Immersion

Grades from MESO

Martin promised us to send us the grades coming Tuesday.

In the 8th participation update we spoke about this problem and possible consequences. Since the story is not coherent we are figuring out what and where this went wrong. Formal complaints are still an option.


Proof sheet preliminary report

Editing took quite some work (we had to change the paper format and that gave problems with image alignment). There were also some problems with the PDF. One of the figures (text within the figure) could not be printed correctly. Today we received the proof sheet and checked it page by page. There are some minor errors. E.g.: landscape pages are printed wrong


Pixel evaluation form

14 people have filled in our questionnaire online. Thank you! We hope the other participants can send us feedback as well.

You can find the questionnaire on: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dE1Fb2Z1QVN5UHJZcnhJc00zZ0VVQXc6MQ



BBQ: August 30th, Drienerlose hockey club

Credit card: See update 7: http://www.inter-actief.utwente.nl/studiereis/pixel/news_jul17_participation_update_7.html

Passport: Do you have one?

Emergency scenario’s: Have you read them? Do you agree?

Theme course dates:

Week 35
Mon. 30-8: CR 2186 (Carré)
Wed. 1-9: CR 1172
Fri. 3-9: CR 2182

Week 36
Mon. 6-9: CR 3194
Wed. 8-9: CR 2175

Week 37
Thu. 16-9: CR 3194
Fri. 17-9: CR 2186

Week 38
Mon. 20-9: CR 3194

Symposium Predict: Study tour Pixel will keep this day free of Pixel related work so everybody can visit the Predict symposium about Business Intelligence. See http://www.inter-actief.utwente.nl/symposium/predict/symposium for more information.

Departure: 26th of September


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