Eleventh participation update

The Kick-In ended yesterday with some rain, but the party wasn’t any less fun than expected. We hope the same goes for the study tour. We’re still in some rough waters but we are confident we’ll make it and the experience won’t be anything less than superb.

After the weekend we start with the Pixel theme course, but it is also time to get together and listen to some holiday stories and extending plans. Time for a barbecue.


Reminder: BBQ coming Monday

What: Barbecue
When: Monday August 30th, from 18:00 till 22:00 or later
Where: DHC Drienerlo (student hockey club), “De Toren”


Attending professors

Yesterday and today a lot changed. New people are interested in participating; others had to cancel last minute.

First: Dr. C.(Chintan) Amrit (School of Management and Governance, Information Systems & Change Management) will be joining us on study tour Pixel till October 9th. Unfortunately another professor had to cancel due to personal reasons, leaving us with a large gap.

- We hope Dr. Amrit is willing to participate the entire tour, but we have not received his answer to this question
- A PhD student (Human Media Interaction) is thinking about joining us from October 11th and on (skipping the weekend).

For extra leads we sent a mailing to all EWI-employees, which has already led to a PhD (Telecommunication Engineering) and an Assistant Professor (Formal Methods and Tools) who are interested.


MESO grades

Martin assured us that the grades are in our mailbox later today. Once received, they will be forwarded to you.


In-depth grades

We received the first grades, but not all are known. Participants are contacted personally when grades are received.

Unfortunately some participants have received a low (5 or lower) grade. The committee will talk with the appropriate supervisor and will form an extra assignment to obtain a better grade. You are free to decline this offer, but without a sufficient mark for the course (60% from your paper, 40% of your presentation) you will not be allowed to participate in the study tour.


Theme course

You can find the first lectures in the Pixel 2010 calendar. However, please keep the reserved timeslots (“Pixel theme course (conceptual)”) free. There are a few leads that still have to be planned, and college times may change in the coming days.

Not all timeslots will be used for the theme course. In free moments you can work on the MICRO research assignment, or read the papers for the next meeting. We expect everybody to read all papers, resulting in good discussions.


Theme course: Monday August 30th / ESTA forms

No lectures will be held.

But we do want all participants to fill in an ESTA form. The ESTA-form is one of the U.S. anti-terror rules and is valid for two years. We want to apply for all forms before September 8th (saves us $420.00). The committee will make sure the ESTA forms are available, and a copy of your passport will be made.

What: Filling in an ESTA form
When: Monday August 30th, from 13:30 till 15:30hrs
Where: IA Board room
What to bring: Your passport


Extending your stay

We hope everybody made nice plans for during your extension! We thought it would be nice to hear about your plans. Just like with the in-depth research the answers will be included in the next participation update. (We will not publish them on the website.)

What are your plans during your extension?


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