Ninth participation update

With an enormous update last week, a much smaller one this week.

Company visits

This week we found some new companies prepared to receive us:

  • InterSense
  • Quantum3D
  • The National Crash Analysis Center
  • The Naval Research Lab

Holiday e-mail protocol

Some of the committee members are on holiday and they will not be able to respond to every e-mail you sent them personally. However, all internal pixel2010 e-mail addresses have been forwarded to other committee members. So if you send your mail to … you will receive an answer. This might take some more time.

Because of this holiday break, we probably will not send a participant update next week.

Emergency scenarios

We received some comments on the Emergency scenarios we send last week. Most comments are textual but every comment will be properly reviewed and we will change things when nescessary.

Cultural visits

Next week, we will start planning some cultural visits. Unfortunately, only 1 participant has filled in the suggestion-form so far. Please let us know what you would like to do by filling in this form: or email it to


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