First participation update

The examination period started yesterday and that means the third term is closing in. In the past few weeks we received many new applications, resulting in a total of 26. In some cases the letter of motivation was regarded insufficient and the committee invited those students for a personal meeting. In the end we accepted 23 participants, one less than possible, but we wanted to be absolutely certain all participants were well motivated.

Previously we stated that the research courses would be spread out over terms 3 and 4. Due to the many master student enrollments there has been a small shift in plans: we need extra time to find motivated teachers to support you during the MESO research project. Therefore we would like to know if:

  1. you wish the use the study tour as your minor
  2. you wish to place 15EC in your bachelor
  3. you wish to place 10EC in your master (and 5EC in bachelor)



During the MACRO research students will find themselves exploring businesses, cultures etc. The coordinator of the minor and research courses said it is advised that INF students attend the course International Business. Participation is advised, not forced.

         View the International Business roster (Save as, rename to .pdf).

During term 3 we will organize a meeting to pick tracks, form groups and socialize.
In term 4 the MESO and MACRO research will be executed.


Contract Research

Martin Haitsma and Niels Visser are responsible for your Contract Research assignments. Once they find a suitable assignment they will contact you directly for a personal interview. After that you can start your assignments. We’ll check in on a regular basis to see if everything is going according to plan.


First teambuilding activity

Study association Inter-Actief challenged us to defend our honor at the PubQuiz: Masters Edition. A special round filled with U.S.A. related questions will test if we –study tour participants- know more, or less, than the other IA members.

         IA PubQuiz Masters Edition: Feb. 3rd 16:00 to 19:00
         Drinks are on us.

We intend to organize a monthly teambuilding activity. We expect you to be present at all of them. If you cannot attend one or more meetings please let us know why ahead of time. We wish to go on our study tour as one group of 29 students, not as a group of 28 and you.



There are two possible ways to pay for the tour:

  1.          pay all at once
             If you want to pay all the money at once then you can pay the €1100,00
             (fare + 100E security deposit) before the 28th of February 2010.
  2.          pay in terms
             You can also pay in four terms. The first term will be €350,00 because of the warrant
             and the other three will be €250,00 each. The final payment dates are:
    1.                   February 28th, 2010
    2.                   March 31st, 2010
    3.                   May 31st, 2010
    4.                   June 30th, 2010
  3. The money can be transferred to the Rabobank account 1260.39.224 under the name of I.C.T.S.V Inter-Actief te Enschede. Please mention your student number and the term period.

    If your payment is overdue a penalty of €25,00 will be charged for every transaction. This must be paid within one month after the term where the extra costs were calculated.


    Signing participant contract

    We’ll send you a review copy via e-mail after the examination period. Come on by on Mon. Feb. 8th, Tue. Feb. 9th, Wed. Feb. 10th or Fri. Feb. 12th between 11:00am and 1pm to sign the official version.


    List of participants

    - Albert de Graaf
    - Cecill Etheredge
    - Ernst Fluttert
    - Gijs van Veen
    - Jasper Stoop
    - Joeri van der Lei
    - Johan Noltes
    - Jordy Molenaar
    - Marije de Heus
    - Mark Oude Veldhuis
    - Mattijs Ugen
    - Nils van Kleef
    - Oguz Meteer
    - Peter Keeris
    - Ruud Welling
    - Sjoerd van der Spoel
    - Stefan Weijers
    - Steven Sybenga
    - Steven van der Vegt
    - Thomas Stols
    - Thomas Visser
    - Ties de Kock
    - Yme Joustra

    If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail.


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