Eighth participation update

This week there is a large update with lots of information, a quick overview:

  • Some committee members are on holiday, please use the @pixel2010.nl e-mail addresses
  • The days of the theme course are known
  • First theme course materials are online
  • Some participants have not submitted their in-depth research
  • MESO research information (editing and grading solution)
  • Emergency protocols have been made and are up for review
  • Mobile phones
  • “What was your in-depth about?“

Holiday e-mail protocol

Some of the committee members are on holiday and they will not be able to respond to every e-mail you sent them. However, all internal pixel2010 e-mail addresses have been forwarded to other committee members. So if you send your mail to …@pixel2010.nl you will receive an answer.


Theme course schedule (conceptual)

This course has 8 contact days:

  • 6 Track days
  • 1 Introduction to Business, business models etc.
  • 1 Introduction lecture for the MICRO research

We have had contact with the Reservation office to reserve the rooms and have been assigned the following rooms from 8.45 till 15.45hrs:

Week 35
Mon. 30-8: CR 2186 (Carré)
Wed. 1-9: CR 1172
Fri. 3-9: CR 2182

Week 36
Mon. 6-9: CR 3194
Wed. 8-9: CR 2175

Week 37
Thu. 16-9: CR 3194
Fri. 17-9: CR 2186

Week 38
Mon. 20-9: CR 3194

For the meetings we have the following policy: Each participant is allowed to miss one (part of a) session if given prior notice (at least 3 entire days). If you are not present at more than one session you will have make an extra assignment about each of the missed tracks.

This should ensure you are free to join Symposium Predict and have several days without courses before the start of the study tour:

September 22nd: Symposium Predict (Pixel will not hold lectures on this day)

September 26th: The study tour starts! Departure from Enschede


Theme course materials (papers)

The theme course consists of several parts:

a. Presentations of all in-depth papers, grouped per track

b. A lecture from a professor about each track

c. If possible: a guest lecture about each track

For the last two professors can submit papers for you to read prior to the track-lecture day. Since the in-depth presentations will be very short we expect all participants to read the written papers prior to the track day. This way you hope to get interesting questions and discussions. It also guarantees everybody knows each other's research and has all knowledge gathered by study tour Pixel.

Participants papers can be downloaded from: http://pixel2010.nl/files/in-depth.zip (4 papers are still missing).

Pre-lecture papers (from speakers) are not yet available, but we hope several professors send them to us shortly. These will be added to Blackboard. We will also send you an e-mail when they are added.


Missing papers / papers submitted after the deadline

On the deadline four papers were not submitted. Three of those are still not in. Those who have submitted their paper late or not submitted their version at all will be contacted by the committee.

We have decided that papers that were submitted after the deadline, but are in before coming Sunday 25th will get a grade deduction of 1. Meaning a 7 would result in a 6, or a 6 in an insufficient mark (Deelnemerscontract, art. 13). All papers delivered after this date will receive an insufficient mark. An insufficient mark for the in-depth research results in:

1. The paper will not be published;

2. You will have to edit your paper, improving it before August 31st;

3. The paper will be graded again (by a professor);

If the improved version is not in before August 31st, or is still insufficient at that time:

4. You have to get a very good grade in the presentation of the theme course (paper = 60%, presentation is 40% of the theme course grade);

5. Without a sufficient mark (5.5) for the theme course you will not be allowed to participate in the study tour.

Participants who have been contacted that there is a problem with their in-depth research are requested to schedule a meeting with the committee.


Editing MESO research, going good

We are fixing spelling mistakes, broken references, style issues etc. We are also writing the overall chapter introduction texts and are moving sections between papers to create a coherent story. We do not add extra information, but since some sections do miss content (style: “Here we will discuss A”, but A is not discussed) they will be rewritten or deleted.


Grades MESO research still unknown

As most participants have noticed the results of the MESO research are still not published. Primary reason is professor Stienstra who has not supplied us with his grades and feedback. Currently he is on holiday. This results in the following situation:

a. The grades are not in after 6 weeks (OER states a maximum of 3)

b. When the grades come in (somewhere after August 8th) there is not sufficient time to improve them (in the case of insufficient marks)

Therefore we tried to contact the NIKOS chair. Unfortunately he also is on holiday until August 2nd. Hence we contacted another professor related to the study tour minor (De Boer). He has tried to find the documents in Martins room in the hope that they would already be graded and feedback was available. The search was extended to check with the NIKOS secretary, but no papers or grades were found.

This does not fix the problem if grades are insufficient, hence participants would not be allowed to go on tour. Therefore we are considering –but are still working out the details and implications- of allowing participants with an insufficient MESO mark to participate in the tour. If the MESO grade would be insufficient it would have to be improved before receiving the ECTS, but you would still be able to participate in the study tour. This option seemed viable when talking to De Boer.


Grades in-depth research

Will be announced when collected and checked.


Emergency scenarios

Some time ago the committee created emergency scenarios for the tour. In the attachment you can find a copy of these scenarios’s which explain the protocols that are in place when serious misfortune hits us on or prior to the study tour.

The scenarios also mention a possible cancellation of the study tour if one of the participants where to die in the weeks prior to, or during the study tour. In the case of a cancellation some of the money is already spent and thus cannot be returned to the participants. Over all cash flows above the 1000EUR participation fee (thus Contract Research income) taxes would have to be paid.

We would like to ask you to read the scenarios and ask questions where you have doubts. Please also send an e-mail when you agree with the scenarios, so we know you have read them.

Attachment: Emergency Scenarios (Calamiteitenplan PIXEL v23jul2010.pdf, Dutch)


Professors on tour

Finding professors who are willing to participate, whose calendars allow it and are allowed to participate by their supervisor remain hard to find. We had hoped to make the names official this week, but unfortunately our efforts are not successful.

Currently we are switching to our backup plan: teachers who have indicated to participate, but only for half the tour will be approached again to have some degree of certainty. Next to that there are four new names (three teachers and one postdoc) on our list. They have been contacted and will be continually monitored to ensure there is a 2nd supervisor.

We know this is a difficult situation with high priority and are following up on all leads we have.


Re: Mobile phones

After the previous participant update we received the following tip:

Dutch tip, see your e-mail for further information


Everybody's in-depth research:

We asked all participants to provide us with a small description of their in-depth research. We have not received this from everybody, but here are the first results:

See the Research > Publications page.


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