Fith participation update

We hope everybody is well on his way with the MESO research, and has taken a first glimpse at his or her in-depth track. In this week’s update you won’t find much new information. We start out with a few reminders about coming deadlines. And finish it off with extra information about the teambuilding activities.

Study Tour Pixel is a GO!
The board of study association Inter-Actief has decided that study tour Pixel has sufficient funds and sufficient international connections to proceed and organize the study tour. This means we are now allowed to book plane tickets and more! Congratulations y’all!

Sun May 1st: How long do you want to extend your stay? (reminder)
The tour operator needs to know how long you wish to stay in the US. The deadline for this information is set on May 1st. You do not have to know what you will be doing during your extended stay, just when you wish to return to the Netherlands. We recommend you extend your stay by three weeks, returning at the start of the 2nd term.
Ronald has sent you an e-mail with some extra information. Please reply to that e-mail as soon as possible. (Not everybody has done that!)

Important research dates (reminder)
Sun. May 9th: Research proposal draft
Sun. May 16th: Receive peer-review feedback on your proposal
Sun. May 23rd: Finish your research proposal

Tue. May 11th: First draft MESO research
Sun. May 23rd: Seccond draft MESO research (will be reviewed by Martin Stienstra and committee)
Tue. May 25th: Presentations MESO research
Sun. May 30th: Finish MESO research

Mon. May 3rd: Pixel photo shoot (reminder)
On May 3rd we would like to take a group photo. We will also take a picture of each participant to include on the webpage (Who is participating).

• The group photo will be taken at 13:00hrs. Please meet the committee at the Spiegel canteen.
• After the group photo the participants will be photographed individually.

Please wear a suit with a tie for uniformity. If you do not yet own a suit please contact the committee. We all have multiple suits so we can probably arrange something to fit you. Please contact the committee if you are unable to participate in the group photo: your individual photo will be taken on another day, but you will not appear in the group photo.

May 18th: Teambuilding trip to the shooting range (Haaksbergen)
Student association Lichtgeraakt has agreed to arrange a shooting clinic and the date and time are now known. On May 18th at 19hrs the clinic will start. The shooting range is located in Haaksbergen. More information about departure times etc. will be announced shortly. At 21hrs it’s time to get some drinks in a local Café.

May 21st: Visiting Xsens (reminder)
Xsens is a worldwide leading supplier of 3D motion tracking products. Study tour Pixel will visit the company and will be introduced to the technologies used for 3D motion tracking, the possibilities it offers and more.

We expect all participants at 13.30hrs at Café Abscint (former EWI borrelruimte, at EduCafé Zilverling). Here we will provide you with some background knowledge of XSens, their projects etc. Around 14.10 we will depart to Xsens, so please bring your bike.

Around 14.30 we will arrive at XSens. The committee will give a short presentation about the study tour, the research you are carrying out, and why we are going to de US. Xsens will follow with a presentation about their company and give a live demonstration of the MVN system. We will end the afternoon with a few drinks.

This gives you an idea of how the company visits in the US will be shaped. Please be on time, act professional and wear a suit. If you do not yet own your own suit please contact the committee.

What: Visiting Xsens: 3D motion tracking Where: Start: EduCafé Zilverling, End: XSens Enschede When: 2010, May 21st at 13:30


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