Seccond participation update

The third term has started and we hope you are studying hard! In this update you will find detailed information about the coming courses, the planning, your track research and more.

Besides this e-mail you will also receive several e-mails with questions. More information about their meaning can be found in this e-mail.


The research is divided in three parts.

  • MACRO, that researches cultural and corporate differences between the Netherlands and the United States. For the MACRO an introduction lecture will be organized on Wed. March 17th (hours 3/4). Attendance is obligatory. In the four weeks following this lecture (weeks 6 to 10) you and your group will research one or several aspects of the American culture.
  • MESO, that is takes a closer look to the influence of the theme in several sectors within U.S. . For the MESO study a introduction lecture will be organized on Tue. April 20th (hours 6-9). Attendance is obligatory. The first six weeks of term 4 will be used to perform your study. It is done in the same groups as the MACRO research.
  • Your in-depth track research. Weeks 2 to 11 of term 4 will be used to write a research proposal, and perform the proposed research of your track.

You can find more dates in the calendar: > Participants > Schedule. (ical)

Choose your track

Part three is an in-depth look at a one of the six tracks. Therefore we wish to receive an e-mail stating your first, second and third preference. There are 22 participants. Each Track will consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five participants. This means it is possible one track will be removed from the study tour scope.

Please reply before April 4th. After that the committee will assign you to a group. (Please use the separate e-mail that is also in your inbox)

Contract Research

Martin and Niels are looking for suitable Contract Research assignments for all Pixel participants. They even try to look for companies near Enschede, to minimize travel expenses. However: They also want to know where your parents live. There might be an interesting company in that neighborhood.

We have also found partners that are willing to house one or several students for their CR-assignment. However, they don't want to wait until the summer holiday. Are you available to work two days a week during the end of term 3 / term 4?

Please reply as soon as possible. (Please use the separate e-mail that is also in your inbox)

  • Where do your parents live?
  • Are you available for CR during terms 3 and 4? 2 days a week.
  • Are you looking for a job? We've got some interesting partners!
    Yes / No
Travel information

During the study tour many things can go wrong. We hope nothing will happen, but it could. So we are developing emergency protocols. You will receive a copy when they are done. For our administration we which to know the following details: (Please use the separate e-mail that is also in your inbox)

  • Emergency contact
  • Do you have any allergies / medical issues that can be an issue during the tour?
  • Do you have a personal physician?

On a more positive note:

  • We've found the first US companies that are willing to receive us.
  • We've found a suitable traveling agent
  • Although the travel scheme will change, you can find the current plans at > Tour > Tour Program
  • At > Tour > Culture shock you can find the first idea's for extending your stay in the United States. Later this month two more mature examples will be added. You can read more about them in the next update.
Next teambuilding activity

To be announced. We are currently talking to S.V. Lichtgeraakt to see if they can arrange a clinic.

Coming deadlines (more information will follow)

No action is needed from your side, but keep in mind that these deadlines do exist. We'll notify you in time and with more information when you do need to undertake action.

• March: Teambuilding activity
• April: Teambuilding activity
• May 1st: Do you want to extend your stay? - How long do you want to stay: 1, 2, 3 weeks or even longer?
• May 21st: Visiting XSENS - Motion tracking (teambuilding activity)
• August: Do you have a passport?

Any more questions?

Feel free to e-mail, call or come on by.

With kind regards and don't forget to reply on the three separate e-mails,

Niels Boom
Study tour Pixel


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