Twelfth participation update

As the Futurama professor often says: 'Good news everyone'. In this update you will find the names of our supervising professors, some reminders for dates and a lot of general information. If you have any questions: feel free to ask!


Bye-bye drinks: September 24th

In about two weeks we will depart. To give everybody a chance to say goodbye to the other members of study association Inter-Actief we arranged a bye-bye drink on Friday the 24th of September at EduCafé Zilverling. We will start around 16.00hrs.

You and all your friends are welcome here!

You also invited all members from the Board of Recommendation, and the Enschede Committee of Enschede's sister city Palo Alto (near Sillicon Valley)


Supervising professors

For the last few months there was a problem with professors that wanted to accompany us on our tour. The last days a lot has happened and we are proud to introduce you to our professors:

  • Dr. ir. R. (Rom) Langerak
    Participating week 1
  • Dr. M. (Michael) Weber
    Participating weeks 2 and 3
  • Prof. dr. W. L. C. (Wim) Rutten
    Participating weeks 2 and 3

Discuss the latest study tour issues

We would like to talk to all of the participants prior to departure. This way we can discuss possible irritations, answer questions about the tour and just see you guys before departure. These talks should not have to take up more than 15 minutes, but to be sure we'll reserve slots of about 30 minutes.

We found three possible days from which you can choose. You can also choose for a slot in the afternoon or the evening. The days are: Wednesday the 15th, Tuesday the 21st and Thursday the 23rd.

Please register for one of the slots on Blackboard. > Sign up for ...


What about your luggage?

Details about the number of kg's you are allowed to bring on each of the aircrafts will be sent to you another time, but here are some general remarks:


What does everybody have to bring?

Mailing the research books to the U.S. costs about 70Euro's per book. We think that money could be spent better, and are looking for alternative methods. But we might ask all participants to bring one preliminary report.

We also have some small gifts for the companies we are visiting. Each participant (and committee member) has to bring about 3 boxes with a pen and pencil inside.

Per person it's not a lot of weight, but put together it will cost a lot of money to ship.


Store your suit during your extended stay

On the last day it will be possible to store your suit in a box at the airport. We will bundle the suits depending on how long you will extend your stay.

One box for 1 week
One box for 2 weeks
One box for 3 weeks
One of the participants in that group will be authorized to retrieve the box at the airport luggage desk. He will make clear arrangements with the others about at what exact time you are expected to retrieve your suit, put them in your own suitcase and fly them back to the Netherlands.

We will pay for the related expenses.


Theme course


Thursday (16th) and Friday (17th) roster

Due to the length of the presentations we have to move some of the presentation to coming Thursday and Friday. This means:

- Engines and Hardware (2 presentations) will be moved to Thursday or Friday

- New Media Input Devices presentations will be moved to Thursday or Friday

- All Serious Games presentations will be moved to Thursday or Friday

The exact times depend on the availability of the professors.


For next week:

- Do-overs (Augmented Reality and New Media Input Devices) will remain on Monday morning next week


Is your in-depth presentation ready?

Does it comply with the requested time of 10 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes for discussion? You probably noticed some prior participants went over the time limit, and this strains the schedule quite hard. Therefore we hope your presentation is no longer than 10 minutes. The discussion is allowed to be a bit longer. It's all about gathering knowledge!


In-depth presentation grades

Your in-depth presentation should explain what you have studied, how this was studied (methods) and what your overall conclusions are.

You are graded by the professors that are present at the presentation.


MICRO research


Place your documents in the "final" folder

We noticed some participants are working in the preliminary folder on svn. Since the micro research will be published in the final report, you should be working in the "final" folder. This folder contains a different template.


Sept 15th: MICRO draft deadline

The report will be reviewed by a member of the study tour organization and another participant selected by the committee, after which final adjustments can be made. This review can be done based on the review guideline that will be provided. The final report will be graded by the teacher.


- table can be found in your e-mail -


Note: Reviewer A and B review the work done by participant A and B.

Your feedback should be available (on svn) on Monday the 20th at 10am.


Sept 20th: Deadline W7 questions to ask the companies

This document should contain several questions (related to the Quick scan and/or technology view) in written form. Or as stated in the Pixel micro notes-document: "Write an abstract of about a page concerning our visitation goals, a so-called ‘wie-wat-waar-wat-willen-we-weten’ (W7), for which a template will be made available. This will be sent to the visited companies and will be used for the travel guide."


Coming back to: MESO results

We had to wait for quite some time (update 8) for the MESO results. We talked about this problem with the NIKOS-chair chairman Prof. De Bruijn. Several aspects, including the implications for our tour have been discussed. Prof. De Bruijn agrees that the time-limit has been exceeded by way too much time, that this has led to complications with the tours research quality and that this should not happen again.

Next to that he ensured us that this is the first time this teacher has missed his review deadline to such an extreme extent. Together with the coherent story of the teacher and the quickness he reviewed the research after he was back from holiday resulted in: Us not filing an official complaint. Prof. De Bruijn was very thankful for our notification and will order the teacher to define safeguards so this cannot happen again.


Did you check...


Your Insurance: Do you have all the necessary insurances?

Healthcare in the US is often more expensive than here in the Netherlands. Did you check if your healthcare insurance covers expenses abroad? Often your health insurance only covers the Dutch-price for treatment in other countries. Travel insurance often -but not always- covers the remainder of the treatment.


Sublease your room:

You can find standard sublease contracts on the website of the Student Union: .

Often, when subleasing your room, your 'fire and theft insurance' will not cover accidental damages to your property. You could ask the other party to sign a contract in which he declares to pay for all damages during the sublease.


Did you check the Emergency scenario’s

We only received a few questions and comments about the Emergency scenario's. Did you read the document? If you have any questions you ask us via e-mail or in person. After coming Friday the protocols will be definitive, the managers will receive their copies etcetera. We won't change details after this date.


International drivers license

Our friends from the ANWB said that although the police will accept your Dutch drivers license, you might require an international drivers license to rent a car. Noteworthy to check prior to the tour.


How to lock your suitcase

During one of the lectures a participant hinted to use a TSA lock (or not to use a lock at all). TSA locks can be opened by the customs office without forcing locks or suitcases. You can buy these locks at the ANWB. You will get a discount if you are an ANWB member. In some cases it is also sufficient if your parents are a member (knowing their zipcode and street number should be sufficient).


Other dates

Sept 15th: First MICRO draft deadlines

Sept 20th: Hand in the W7 questions

Sept 22nd: Symposium Predict on Business Intelligence

Sept 23rd: Hand in your MICRO research

Sept 24th: Byebye drinks with Inter-Actief, friends and hopefully the major of Enschede


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