Fifteenth participation update

Another day, another update. Only hours until our goodbye drinks. As usual the committee will pay for your drinks (everybody will receive an Inter-Actief pre-paid card. You can spend it however you like. We will also arrange some pure U.S. stereotype snacks.


Breakfast on Sunday

It is going to be very early Sunday morning. We’ll gather around 5am, and thus every minute you can stay in bed, is a minute of complete euphoria. Therefore the committee will arrange for some bread, toppings and dairy products to eat in the bus.

Therefore you could skip breakfast, and eat something in the bus.

We’ll see everybody (except Wim and Michael) at 5am at the Spiegel.


Emergency scenario’s

As you might have heard, we’ve sent a large document with our emergency scenario’s, contact information and more to your emergency contact. This has been done via e-mail, and an analog post message is on its way.

For supervising professors: We have not yet sent this information to your emergency contact, but will do so via e-mail only.



As you know the U.S. power grid uses another voltage (and frequency) then the Dutch system. Fortunately most modern hardware works on both types, and thus only requires a small adapter so you can plug in your device. We ordered 30 of these adapters (not current transformers), and they will be handed out in the bus to Schiphol.

So keep some room in your luggage.


Pixel gifts for the companies (ballpoint pen)

We ordered about 100 gifts for all the people who will show us around in the U.S.. Each participant will receive 3 sets and a booklet about the University of Twente to bring along to the U.S.. We will hand these out in the bus to Schiphol.

So keep a small spot free to store these items. (Not applicable for supervising professors)


Website tweaks

Have you noticed we tweaked the website frontpage? Your parents and friends can now visit one page and know everything related to your day at Study Tour Pixel.


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