Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions that you might have (for which the answer is not on our website) you can contact us via e-mail: Feel free to do just that. Please note that in the weeks just before departure the committee might be very busy and will respond slower to your e-mails.

Any questions that regard all participants will also be posted on this page.


Financial aspects

Participants must contribute a 1000 euro fee. That's a lot of money! Can that be lowered?

We realize it is a lot of money. We do have multiple possibilities to help you finance the tour. The fee does remain the same.

  • There is a possibility to pay the tuition fee in three terms
  • Get a job. Programming usually pays very well. Negotiating yourself (not via the temp. agencies) can result in higher pay.
    Also: the study tour searches a partner for your Contract Research (120hrs). Depending on the partner you might be offered a job there. No harm done by asking, right?
  • Ask your parents or family / ibgroep / bank for a loan. (Interests may vary.)
In all cases we urge you to talk with your study advisor. They might know another option (outside of the scope of the study tour).


When do I have to pay?

There are two possible ways to pay for the tour:

  • pay all at once
    If you want to pay all the money at once then you can pay the €1100,00 (fare + 100E security deposit) before the 28th of February 2010.
  • pay in terms
    You can also pay in four terms. The first term will be €350,00 because of the warrant and the other three will be €250,00 each. The final payment dates are:
    • February 28th, 2010
    • March 31st, 2010
    • May 31st, 2010
    • June 30th, 2010


Study progress and planning aspects

Does it fit in my curriculum?

The best option is to talk with your study advisor. The tour committee keeps in touch with the two bachelor student advisors.

Master students might have another study advisor.

The courses can be placed as electives in your bachelor, or as part of the minor International Exploration. The 10ECTS of research courses can also be placed as electives within your master.


Why is the trip not in the summer break?

We know you have the most time in the summer. However there are good reasons to plan the trip in Q1:

  • Flight tickets, hotels etc. are much cheaper in Q1 than during the summer
  • Within companies many employees are on holiday during the summer break
  • In Q3 and Q4 you have the preliminary research courses and in the summer you have time for contract research. Moving this together would result in lower quality research.
We planned the trip in weeks 5,6 and 7 of Q1, so if you want you can get back in time for the exams.


Downloadable files

Slides from information gatherings


Where can I find information about previous tours?

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