How to enroll

I want more information

Take another look at the other sections of our website, send us an e-mail or just come and see us at one of the no-strings-attached information meetings. You can find information about the costs on the Why should I go-page.



  • Participants must study the bachelor "Technische Informatica" or "Bedrijfsinformatietechnologie" or one of the related masters.
  • Participants (if bachelor) must have attained 60 European Credits
  • Participants must sign a contract that clearly states their responsibilities and rights
  • Participants must be motived

Selection procedure

If you wish to participate you will have to send an e-mail to Please note that this is not our regular e-mail address. This e-mail must contain:

  • Your name
  • Your primary study
  • The number of ECTS you currently have
  • A letter (1 or 2 pages) which clearly states why you wish to participate.
  • Your resume (CV), written in Dutch.

You are free to write your motivational letter in English or in Dutch. An independent party (the Board of study association Inter-Actief) will make certain that all personal references are removed from the motivation letter. The committee will then read all letters and grade them with a score (minus 20 till plus 20 points).

Each participant will get a score: [ number of credits ] + [ motivation points ] = [ score ]

The 24 participants with the highest score will be asked to participate in the tour. The committee preserves the right to give a wildcard to participants whose motivation got 20 points.


Important dates

You can find all dates on the Participants > Schedule and deadlines page..


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