Why should I go?

We can give you plenty reasons why you should participate in an international study tour. But most important its fun! In three weeks you will visit at least three different cities in America and visit many of the tourist attractions.

It is an ideal opportunity to visit a great country on another continent, learn the nations and business culture. For three weeks you live in large corporate buildings, state of the art laboratories and the best universities. You will visit many companies (which you researched and thus know much about), you will discuss what they do and in the weekends you can meet the social life the cities have to offer.

During the process you will meet new people and make friends you might never make if you would not participate. You, the 23 other participants, the 6 committee members and the 2 supervisors are all welcome at monthly teambuilding activities. Here we will get to know each other.

It gives you (compared to other applicants for a job) the international advantage. You already know what it is like to work in other countries. You have visited and researched the USA!

Still not convinced? Send us an e-mail at studytour@pixel2010.nl or just come and see us at one of the no-strings-attached information meetings.



Student participants pay a 1000 EUR participation fee. Next to that they must do 120hrs of Contract Research. This, together with the help of our commercial partners finances the trip. During the trip you will have minimal expenses. Flights, food, hotels and most cultural activities are covered by the committee.

In return you can receive up to 15 European Credit for the research, basic course and tour. Your contract research can in some cases also be noted as 5 extra credits. You can use these credits as a research project in your master or as electives in your bachelor. With one extra course you can use the study tour as minor (International Exploration) in your bachelor.

Because you will travel for 3 weeks in the first quartile of 2009-2010 you will miss contact hours (coleges etc.). However, you are home in time for the exams, so you will be able to participate. It is possible to extend your trip, which most participants do. This gives you the opportunity to further explore the USA, Mexico or Canada relatively cheap. All costs you make during this extension are personal cost that the tour does not cover. Except your ticket back to The Netherlands.

In conclusion: The costs are minimal. Only a small fee in the travelling costs are requested. Delay in your study progress can be reduced by not extending your stay. But you do have a reason why you got delayed.


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