Courses within the study tour


Study Tour Preparation (188084)

Term: 3 and 4 of year 2009/2010
Size: 5ECTS

Information from VIST: This course concerns the preparation of an international study tour. The lectures provide the introduction into the approach of international study tours and the management science models that can be employed. Next, literature studies are carried out on national (macro-) and sector (meso-) level resulting in a paper. The macro papers address the political, economic, socio-cultural and technological aspects as well as their implications for the study tour theme. The meso papers present the characteristics of different sectors; the companies and organizations to be visited lead the selection of sectors. Both the macro and the meso study make comparisons with the Netherlands in order to arrive at insights into the similarities and differences between the countries and their causes. The results are reported in papers and in oral presentations to the study tour group (both in English). The final part of this course concerns the preparation of the content of the study tour visits (micro level) by formulating questions and reporting guidelines.


International Study Tour Project (188085)

Term: 1 of year 2010/2011
Size: 5ECTS

Information from VIST: This course comprises the study tour itself and the concluding report; it forms the final component of the minor International Exploration. During the visits to various organisations and companies the participants collect data with regard to the study tour's central theme as well as specific findings. Upon return participants draft a final report consisting of two parts. The research part presents the results with regard to the content of the study tour and relating these results to their context. The reflection part addresses the process of the study tour, the extent to which the objectives have been reached and the study tour's implications for study and career planning.


Pixel theme course: Simulation and Games (xxxxxx)

Term: 1 of year 2010/2011 - first four weeks
Size: 5ECTS

Information about this course will be placed here after the course has been approved.


As my minor: Minor International Exploration?

Visit the minor website (Dutch).  

Extra course: International Business (188080)

Term: 3 of year 2009/2010
Size: 5ECTS

Information from VIST: This course provides an introduction to the setting of international business, forming the basis of international management aspects in the curriculum. The emphasis is on global industrial development and the differences between national and international business environment. The following subjects are treated in the course: 1. Introduction to international management; 2. International organizations (World Bank, IMF); 3. differences in the macro-environment of businesses incl. political aspects / legislation, economy, demography, and culture / religion.

Please read the instructions on the TeleTop-site (see in particular " Course information") from this course carefully.


As electives in my master

The masters MBI and HMI have the following courses that can be used to place the research within your master.

- Research topics (239950) for BIT/TBK topics
- Research topics (219950) for HMI/CS topics

The study tour will search for a professor that guaranties the correct qualitylevel. We wish to make the course similar to the two minorcourses. Deadlines etc. will be the same because students will have to participate with each other.


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