Research Tracks

For the research six different tracks are selected that cover different parts of Simulation and Gaming. While these tracks are carefully selected, these might not be the definite tracks.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a simulation technique that enhances the reality with external information sources. Examples of Augmented Reality are:

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a simulation of a (fantasy) world in a way that it looks if it is real to the user of the simulation. This technique is used for flight simulators, car simulators and curing acrofobie

Serious Games

With improved computer graphics and business on the lookout to save money on training it is only logical that the two found each other. How are Serious Games used, what is their result (performance) and what bottlenecks are available?

Engines and Hardware

All graphical computer programs rely heavily on specialized layers, engines and hardware such as DirectX, OpenGL, Unreal Engine and a Videocard. What is the function of these layers and what is the state of the art of these techniques?

New Media Input Devices

Since Nintendo introduced the Wii-mote the entire world knows there are more options to inputting data then only the remote of your TV, your keyboard and your mouse. What are the current trends in the Simulation and Gaming scene, what are the bottlenecks?

Artificial Intelligence

Characters and objects in games and simulations have to act more and more realistic to the user nowadays. What are the newest technologies in the Artificial Intelligence?


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