Schedule and deadlines

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In terms 3 ("kwartiel 3") and 4 the macro and meso research will be held. The general course that will give you basic information about the research tracks will be held in term 1. Please note that these courses are not voluntary. You must participate in them actively to pass, receive the European Credits and be allowed to participate in the tour. The position of the courses has been chosen to minimalize delay in your study progress.

It is our aim to have all Contract Research assignment ready before the start of the summer holiday. If your assignment is on paper before this start we expect you to finish the CR before the end of the holiday.

After the tour you will have to finish your micro research. This document's deadline is placed about two months after the end of the tour. So even if you extend your stay with the full three weeks, you will have plenty of time to finish it before the deadline.

During all research phases the committee will ask you to hand in draft versions of your work regularly.

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