Culture difference can shock

During the three weeks in the United States many of the working days will be filled with company visits. Free time (and weekends) are partially filled in with cultural must sees resulting in a true cultureshock! There will also be time to explore the different cities on your own or in groups. All we ask is that you are home in time to be representative towards companies we might visit the next days.

Staying longer? You might be interested in...


Bryce Canyon - Utah

What is Bryce Canyon? Words confound when no comparable exist. A cave without a ceiling? A forest of stone? Even 'canyon' is misleading since Bryce is carved by freeze-thaw cycles, not a river. Yet, 'world's largest pothole' is neither adequate nor flattering. (From: Bryce Canyon National Park)

Las Vegas - Nevada

The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment. A growing retirement and family city, it is the 28th most populous city in the United States with an estimated population of aprox. 560.000 in 2008 (From: Wikipedia)


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